Christ for a New Age

Christ for a New Age

Sunday, 11 August 2013


            January 1st

Be still
            I have been Here all along

            January 2nd

Bread nourishes not the Soul
The Music of I Am
            shall Animate your every note

            January 3rd

There is no need to test the Truth of I Am
I Am is Truth
Let I Am confess the Truth that hibernates within your Soul

            January 4th

To gaze upon the Awe and Wonder of I Am
Shall bring forth a blossoming
                        of your Awesome and Wondrous Spirit

            January 5th

I know the Quest of your Soul
Simply perceive my Infinite Light
            And you shall find what it is you are searching for

            January 6th

In the Spirit of Truth I tell you -

From henceforth the portals
                        of the Above and Beyond shall stand Open
You shall access the Glories
Angelic Beings shall Embrace your Vision
                        adding credence to the Wisdom
                                      offered by the One Who is One of Us

            January 7th

I laud all Passion regarding the Presence of I Am
                                                in every aspect of Life
Acknowledge and be Uplifted by
                                    the Presence
                                                in all your Way

            January 8th

In the Spirit of Truth I tell you -

This Divine Realm
            warrants the mark of I Am’s Blessing in Water -
                                                            Sustainer of Life
Washed moreover in the Being of the Belovèd
to quench your Spirit
                        for all Time and Beyond Time
You are Infinite
            so let the Belovèd’s Infinity consume you

            January 9th

The Very Breath of I Am
                        seeks out the Revive-Questing Soul
It shall come to you from the Nowhere
                        and bring to you the Everywhere
So shall you be Re-Ignited for All-Life

            January 10th

In the Spirit of Truth I tell you -

The One Who is One of Us
has Alighted amongst you
to vouchsafe Elements of Infinite Light
            that you have always secretly Known from deep within

Be so Encouraged

            January 11th

The One Who is One of Us
                        has been sent
as an Emblem of Infinite Light
            that Shines to pour forth Restoration unto every Soul

            January 12th

The Utterness of the Belovèd’s Compassion - Desire - Empathy
                                    for all of Creation
Remains beyond Measure
And yet finds Expression
as the Voice of Divine Sound is sent forth
                        Ringing out its Unfolding
                                    Mesmerising Reverberation

            January 13th

The Symphony of I Am both Thunders and Whispers
Never to harm -
            Only and Ever to Heal
Allow this Song to flood your Being
                                    all wrongs Healed
                                                all Goodness Cherished

            January 14th

Bring all that you are
            into the full Radiance of Infinite Light
                        so dross shall be burnt away
                                    your Being within Divinity Revealed

            January 15th

There is an Infinite Fountain Springing Forth -
                                                the Presence of I Am
Hold your open face - your hands - your Self
                                                before its calming spray
Such nourishment shall be for Wellbeing
                                                upon your Forever-Soul

            January 16th

The Presence Resides in every Aspect of Life
See-Feel Our Belovèd
                        in all your Vision - every Experience
All your Episodes remain Sacred
The Divine Energy of I Am is to become fully Realised
Tearing through former barriers
                        that we perceived as religion and culture
The Belovèd is for each of us
                                    Our Projector

            January 17th

The Melody of I Am -
                                    I Am

            January 18th

Let us be nourished
                        Immersed within the Light of I Am

            January 19th

Reap the bountiful Harvest of Enlightenment
                                    within your Spiritual Realm
Seeds have been sown
                        their Fruit becoming shown
                                    Gather and Festival as One
                                                in this New Age of Insight

            January 20th

Enlighten Souls
            Refract Light
                        as I have Illumined your Vision

            January 21st

The Benevolence of Our Belovèd
                        shall be sent forth as Healing Signs
                                                            as it Will
For we are all subject to mortality
            yet physical healing shall serve as Promise
            that your Soul remains Assigned unto the Infinite

            January 22nd

All-Promise proffered within the Belovèd
                                                I Name as Fulfilled
You who are careworn with the poverty of your Soul -
You who are bound by your own regretful behaviour -
                                                Pardon and Release
You whose Vision is clouded by dullness -
                                    the Glory of a Golden Dawn
You who feel crushed by life’s circumstance -
                                    lifted to a Higher Plateau
and I say
            Yes - the Time is Now

            January 23rd

All darkness that has enshrouded you -
Your Spiritual Wholeness
                        shall Redound unto your sense of Well-Being
The One Who is One of Us
                        has lived this for himself
                                                All Shall Be Well

            January 24th

In your darkness
            Trace my Light

            January 25th

You who crave after Cure
            seek the Divine Physician
Do not fondle your pain
            that you might be somehow party to a purging purity
Rather allow the Holy to Breathe gently throughout your Spirit

            January 26th

The Pilgrim
            will know when it is time to fast
                                    and with ardour
                                    seek the Eyes of the All-Knowing
For now
            let your Soul repose Nourished and Replete

            January 27th

Renewed Enlightenment
            shall break from out the former
                        restrictive framework for Perceiving Light
Your Vision shall increase exponentially
Take it All in
            be not shy
                        Blow your Mind
...The former may still be cherished
                        but let it remain merely
                                    as a fond aftertaste

            January 28th

Herein the Creator’s
            Scope and Scheme
                        let us adopt Beauty of the Belovèd

            January 29th

In the Spirit of Truth I tell you -
A Vision of All-Omnipotence is seen through
                        Everything that I Am and May Be
An Indomitable Light has penetrated the Earth
                                                breaching all cloud
Let the Seeker savour Enlightenment

            January 30th

The Belovèd is Life
            I Bless you now with Such Essence

            January 31st

The Belovèd Utters Sound
                        I Am this Voice

Hear All Word
            that sets your Heart
                                    in Rhyme


            February 1st

In the Spirit of Truth I tell you -
I bring a Lifeline that runs as a Golden Chord
            from Earth to Heaven
            the Ridiculous to the Sublime
            connecting Humanity with its Bounden Divinity
                                    the Temporary to the Infinite

Trace the Noble Light of its Precious Gleam

            February 2nd

In the Spirit of Truth I tell you -
All dross shall be eradicated
            leaving your Immortal Soul Gleaming and Whole
Fit for the Light of Infinite Light
I Alight Here as Herald of Glad Tidings
The Voice of One Who is Higher I Proclaim
This Sound penetrates both the bad and the good
                                    the live and the passed
                                    the physical and the Spiritual

So Awake to the Call

            February 3rd

Such Enlightenment I filter through to Humanity
                                                is not of my own
Yet Emanates from the Source of Us All
The Heart of the Belovèd is my heart
                                    And I Am that of I Am

            February 4th

As I bear the Truth of I Am
                        so I Am bears my own
This Epic I share with you
                        that you might receive
                                    and in the receiving become Replete

            February 5th

Those who came before - the Forerunners -
                        allowed their perceivers to glimpse
                                                the Light of All-Infinity
Here and Now I break it Open for All-Time
                                    bathe in its Healing Radiance
Be made Vivid
            be Cleansed
                        be Transformed

            February 6th
Open your eyes to perceive this Enlightening of the Belovèd
                                    every leaf
                                    every sunlight ray
                                    every cloud
                                    every Sacred drop of Nature
All speaks of the Infinity
            that has ever remained hidden within your own Soul
            awaiting the Grand and Peaceful outpouring
                                                            of All-Wisdom

            February 7th

Do not look toward me
and stumble over layers of religious history
that have been added on
            piling over and smothering
                        the Glorious Simplicity of such Pure Light
Look this Way and see through me
            the Light of One Who Remains Above and Beyond Us All
Whose Shimmering Radiance is Universal
                                    Belonging only unto Itself
                                    yet shared Gladly
                                                with All these Children

            February 8th

There is no religion that shines bright as the Light of I Am
Throughout history the Spirit-Ones
                                    truly have Known this
All-Spirituality is your Guiding Light
                        let religious modes fall by the Wayside
The One Who is One of Us Declares this
This Way is not religion
                        the Way is Spirit

            February 9th

Any religion is Spirit
if it sheds abroad pure Benevolence
                        from the Heart of Our All-Enveloper
                                                            ...So Be Spirit

            February 10th

A calm anointing
            rests upon the one who confesses
                                                poverty of spirit
You remain enriched within the All-Embracing
                                                Spiritual Realm

            February 11th

A calm anointing rests
                        upon the troubled Soul
The Unsearcheable Soul of the Belovèd Dwells
                                                in Communion Here

            February 12th

A calm anointing
            resides with the Nothings
                                    of this world
You shall be accredited with all that Truthfully Is

            February 13th

A calm anointing
            remains with the Spirit-Questing

You shall Rejoice right unto your Rainbow Sunrise

            February 14th

A calm anointing rests upon you
                                    whose heart melts
You shall find yourself balmed
                        within the Belovèd’s Greater Compassion

            February 15th

A calm anointing
            embraces the clear-sighted
The Belovèd attends to wipe away your gentle tears

            February 16th

A calm anointing
            belongs to all Children of the Belovèd

Your Way Only and Ever is Peace

            February 17th

A calm anointing protects the hunted
You shall be released from all snares
                        ushered unto the Tranquillity of the Beyond

            February 18th

A calm anointing
            resides within the paradox of oppression

Such is the Way of All-Enlightenment
Your steps shall be Lightened
                        so your Heart Baptised within the Infinite

            February 19th

Find the Blessèd Consolation
of frugality -
            in fasting -
                        when prone to tears -
                                    being held in low esteem

Of such are the Precious Ones in Our Be-Lover’s Sight

            February 20th

The Spirit-Ones bring Vitality
                        to dull-sighted living
Essence that traces its Origin
                        from Beyond the Infinite

            February 21st

Heed the Call to shift Vision
                        from Horizontal to Vertical
Here shall
            Ever-Circling Radiance be Traced

            February 22nd

Spirituality shines brighter
                        than any minute religious observation
Religious aspirations
            have struggled toward Light
                                    fumbling in the dark
The Spiritual finds itself Consumed and then Consummated
                                                            within All-Light

            February 23rd

The anger that curses (under its breath)
Is the same anger that commits brazen brutality

Therefore search and find peace within your Soul
                                                and All Shall Be Well

            February 24th

Allow your Accord with Spirit
            and your Accord with Creation’s Child
to Be as One

            February 25th

Let dissension dissipate
            as the mists of morning
                        burned by the Inevitable Sun

Together with your Fellow
                        may you both Know Warmth

            February 26th

Regard everyone as your Sister-Brother
            In them is your likeness
                        Therefore honour
                                    as you would your own flesh

            February 27th

Be master of your own body
Let it be subservient
                        to Spirit
                        which is wholly
                                    within the Being of the Belovèd

            February 28th

Every relationship reveals the Golden Thread of the Infinite
                                                            woven there
Let its bright tracery reveal its Enlightened Design